The traditional farming on the fertile soil and numerous fishing waters with their wealth of fish in "Chiemgau" county provide the local gastronomy with best products and ingredients as a basis for the preparation of delicious dishes.


Therefore, the numerous cosy inns and restaurants with their terraces and beer gardens that can be found in the surroundings of the Gaden Apartment-Hotel are able to serve their guests a wide variety of wholesome and savoury food. To accompany your meal, you can indulge yourself with a fresh draught beer or a glass of fine wine.


During a walk, a bicycle trip, an excursion or a leisurely stroll in the beautiful countryside of "Chiemgau" county, you are welcome at the charming inns, cosy restaurants, rustic snack bars and elegant cafés to rest and replenish your energy.


Below you find a list of particularly recommended restaurants and inns in the local area.

Culinary Delights in the Surroundings

  • "Landhaus Tanner" Hotel Restaurant / Waging
  • "Seealm am Schwanenplatz" Restaurant / Gaden
  • "Seestüberl" Restaurant / Waging
  • "Strandkurhaus" Restaurant / Waging
  • "Forum Italikum" Restaurant / Waging
  • "Unterwirt" Inn / Waging
  • "Gasthof Wölkhammer" Inn / Waging
  • "Oberwirt" Inn / Otting
  • "Gasthaus Riedler" Inn / Petting
  • "Bräustüberl" Inn / Schönram
  • "Gasthaus Eder" Inn / St. Leonhard
  • "Landgasthof Helminger" Country Inn / Teisendorf
  • "Pfeffermühle" Inn / Teisendorf
  • "Tiefenthaler Hof" Inn / Teisendorf
  • "De Martin" Restaurant / Laufen
  • "Café Steinbach" / Laufen
  • "Steak House B306" / Inzell
  • "Bad Wirt" Inn / Tettenhausen